Why Choose Warner & Warner

At Warner + Warner, we are passionate and committed trial lawyers. We are privileged to do what we love–helping obtain full compensation for people. Whether our clients have been injured through no fault of their own or their property has been taken by the government, Warner + Warner helps people obtain justice. Our efforts are ultimately aimed at making our world a better place by exposing inadequate and injurious medical care, dangerous acts and failures, and preventable injuries and by fighting for full compensation for people whose land has been taken by the government.

In our personal injury cases, we work only on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay no costs or fees unless we are successful and make a recovery for you. It’s simple–if there is no recovery, there are no costs or fees. Contingency fees help level the playing field between the average consumer and huge insurance companies and corporations.

In our eminent domain cases, our clients pay us nothing for our services. Florida Statutes provide that the condemning authority pays our fees and litigation costs for increasing your compensation. You have no expense or risk in retaining Warner + Warner to represent your interests in seeking full and complete compensation for the taking of your property.

We take the risk and you have the ability to hire a top-rated law firm to prosecute your claim.


Our practice helps us cultivate relationships with many diverse people–clients and former clients, the lawyers who refer us cases, the lawyers we team with to prosecute cases, the experts and professionals we work with on our cases, and the members of the public who touch our lives daily. We choose to work with people who inspire us, people we admire and respect, and people who share our dedication to impeccable integrity, hard work, creative thinking, and achieving exceptional results. This gives great life and meaning to our practice and we are fortunate to be able to share it.


Each of our lawyers has extensive legal experience defending some of the largest insurance companies, and corporations in the world. Corporate America and the government have established approaches for assessing and handling lawsuits that determine if they are settled, when they are settled, and the amount for which they are settled. Because our lawyers worked for years inside this process as defense attorneys, they have a unique perspective and specialized knowledge that can help push your case to resolve for the highest value in the shortest time. Many lawyers lack this experience and knowledge, which can lead to inadequate settlements and verdicts that do not reflect the value of the clients’ claims.

The government and insurance companies know the lawyers who understand their procedures and that knowledge factors into their case resolution decisions. Take advantage of this fact and make sure you hire a lawyer with extensive experience representing insurance companies and large corporations. That experience can be put to work for you. With over 40 years of combined complex litigation experience, our lawyers have seen all the tricks and traps used by the insurance companies, large corporations, and the government.

Importantly, our experience has been in complex litigation. We have successfully litigated and tried many complex cases. For Warner + Warner, unraveling the complexities of our clients’ claims provides inspiration that keeps us going. Other lawyers simply cannot meet that challenge, but Warner + Warner meets that challenge every day.


The lawyers of Warner + Warner have received Martindale Hubbell’s highest rating–AV Preeminent. This means our lawyers have achieved the highest level of professional excellence. They have been rated by their judge and attorney peers as having the highest possible ethical standards and legal ability. Defense lawyers who have litigated cases against our lawyers over the years have rated them as the top lawyers among their peers, and when your adversaries rate you as the best, you know you have done an excellent job representing your clients in an ethical and professional manner.

The majority of our cases come from other lawyers who refer their cases to us because they know our reputation and abilities on significant and complex cases. They know we get results through careful analysis, attention to detail, hard work, preparation, and perseverance–not through shortcuts or sacrificing our clients’ interests. You will not see us on TV or billboards, but you will see us in the courthouse working with the best lawyers in Florida, because our clients benefit from our strong relationships with other lawyers. The diverse experience and knowledge of our affiliated lawyers creates a large team with great knowledge that helps us achieve the best results for our clients regardless of the nature of their claims.

Many of our cases come from satisfied clients who refer their friends and family members to us to handle their cases. When a former client refers a family member or friend, there is no higher compliment to a lawyer’s ability. Classic “word of mouth” is how our firm was built and it will be the cornerstone of our continued success into the future. We believe relationships are critically important to the practice of law and to life in general. We associate with good people, we work with good people, and we represent good people, because we choose to do so.


We have close working relationships with many successful, established attorneys which gives our small firm the depth and reach of a large firm. We are small enough to carefully select the cases in our practice, to litigate those cases in the most detailed and comprehensive manner possible, and to provide the highest level of service and communication for our clients. For Warner + Warner, service to our clients is the foundation of our practice.

We do not take every case that comes through our door, because we value our clients’ individual needs and believe this allows us to do a better job for each client we do accept. Through our extensive relationships, we are able to provide many of the benefits of a larger firm while maintaining the close communication and personalized, meticulous representation that only a small firm can provide.
Our success over many years has provided the resources necessary to successfully take on the largest companies and governments without shrinking from the challenge. Warner + Warner can offer the best of both worlds to our clients while fighting at the highest levels with the biggest defendants.