Auto Accident

    In this automobile accident case, our client was stopped in traffic on the East West Expressway in downtown Orlando when a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in the opposite direction veered out of control and crossed the median into her lane of travel. She was absolutely stuck and could do nothing but watch the other driver’s SUV fly through the air towards her as she sat trapped in her car. The other driver’s SUV landed on top of her car and caused serious and permanent injuries to her shoulder, which required an extensive surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and chronic nerve impingement. Unfortunately, the first surgery was not successful and she must now undergo a second surgery in an attempt to repair her accident-related injuries.

    Although the surgery was a success, our client has been left with permanently reduced strength in her right arm and shoulder and recurrent chronic pain in that area. She has undergone lengthy physical therapy regimens as well as numerous cortisone and nerve blocking shots with little relief. In addition to the significant physical injuries, she suffered from post traumatic insomnia, nightmares, and significantly increased anxiety surrounding driving or even being a passenger in a car after the accident.