Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer

    Although we have represented many patients who suffered the development and worsening of pressure ulcers in the hospital setting, this particular case was especially rewarding.  Our client was a very active senior playing tennis at 78 years old.  Unfortunately, he fell while on the court and suffered a hip fracture.  After surgical repair of his hip fracture, the hospital was so understaffed and its personnel were so overworked, that they could not regularly reposition our client to prevent the development and worsening of a very large pressure ulcer on his backside.  To compound the problem, the hospital failed to obtain a specialty mattress and adequate nutritional support to help heal the wound, and it continued to grow in size and depth.  Ultimately, the gaping, cavernous wound grew to 8 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep.  Not surprisingly, the wound was excruciatingly painful and required a significant surgery and extensive treatment to heal.

    Due to the incredibly substandard and lacking nursing care, we successfully made a claim for punitive damages against the hospital and proceeded to trial.  On the second day of trial, the case settled for a confidential amount believed to be the largest amount paid in Florida to date to settle a case involving a hospital acquired pressure ulcer.