Medical Malpractice / Failure to Diagnose Prostate Center

    In this case, our client underwent a PSA Screen on an annual basis with his primary care physician. Our client was not informed that his PSA test results had risen over a three year period, and was identified as “abnormal” on a PSA test result. His physician never informed him of the abnormal test results, despite our client having two appointments with the doctor after the doctor had received the abnormal test result indicating our client had prostate cancer. The doctor inexplicably failed to tell our client about the troubling test results, which deprived him of the opportunity to seek appropriate treatment.
    Approximately one year after the abnormal test result, our client’s cardiologist ordered blood work and a PSA test. At that time, our client’s PSA test result was significantly abnormal, and according to his oncologist, the cancer had spread outside the prostate. Our client is currently undergoing extensive cancer treatment and has a significantly reduced life expectancy.