Motorcycle Accident

    In this tragic case, our clients’ son was killed when his motorcycle struck a ladder on I-4 that had fallen from a commercial vehicle because it was improperly secured.  Our clients’ son was an Embry Riddle Aeronautical University student riding his Aprilia motorcyle on I-4 with a group of friends from college.  He was riding responsibly–within the speed limit, wearing a helmet, and wearing body armor and leathers.  As he rode down I-4, he was completely unaware that moments earlier a large fiberglass ladder had fallen into his lane and would present a life-threatening challenge. Although he did everything he could to safely avoid the dangerous obstacle, he was thrown from the bike and suffered fatal head injuries despite wearing a helmet.

    The insurance company for the truck that dropped the ladder refused to settle the case, and our lawsuit proved that the company’s safety procedures were inadequate and contrary to Florida law.  Unbelievably, the corporate Safety Director testified in deposition that he was unaware his company’s safety policies and procedures did not meet the requirements of Florida law.  Although he was personally responsible the company’s compliance with safety laws, he had no idea what the law required of his company and its drivers when securing a load atop a vehicle.