Motorcycle/Automobile Accident

    In this automobile and motorcycle collision case, our client was sideswiped on his Yamaha motorcycle by a young man driving his father’s Ferrari 550 Maranello. The Ferrari driver was permitted to drive the sports car while his parents were out of the country on vacation. After stopping to show off the car to a former girlfriend, the Ferrari driver took a friend, who is an automobile mechanic, for a ride. Shortly after leaving the ex-girlfriend’s home, the Ferrari driver noticed the parking brake light was illuminated; he could not figure out how to disengage the parking brake; and his friend indicated he should pull over in order to avoid causing damage to the brakes on the ultra-exclusive Ferrari.

    While the Ferrari was driving down the inside, left lane of the road, our client was approaching in the right lane on his motorcycle. As a result of being distracted and scared of the prospect of a costly brake job on his father’s prized possession, the Ferrari driver darted across the road without looking for our client in an effort to stop the car and determine the cause of the brake problem. Unfortunately for our client, at that exact time, he was driving past the Ferrari in the right lane and he had absolutely no opportunity to avoid the collision with the Ferrari.