Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect / Dignity Violations

    Our client placed their grandmother in a nursing home at the recommendation of a local hospital.  Shortly after “granny” was admitted, the family suspected she was not being treated right.  Although granny could not describe everything happening with her care, the hand print on her thigh spoke volumes.

    Granny’s family placed a hidden video camera in her room and recorded their grandmother’s care.  Although the nursing home staff documented providing near perfect care, the videos told a very different story.  Granny was left alone for nine hours with no care or treatment; her clothes were often removed and she was left naked in bed with no covers; staff failed to provide the treatments ordered by her physicians; fluids were not offered; her food was eaten by staff; and, unfortunately, the video revealed granny being physically attacked by a staff member.

    Armed with video evidence, the facility compensated the family for the numerous violations and deprivations of granny’s nursing home residents’ rights, and the CNA responsible for the physical abuse was reported to the State of Florida for prosecution.