Nursing Home Bed Sores (Pressure Ulcers)

    Our client suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and resided in the largest nursing home in Central Florida.  Although his condition was good for several years, he began suffer a decline in his condition.  Unfortunately, this meant he could no longer provide the basic care he needed and he became dependent upon staff.  Despite his immobility and increased risk for pressure ulcer development, staff ignored his needs and left him lying in bed in one position.

    Not surprisingly, he developed massive bed sores that became infected and threatened his life.  The sores were so painful nursing assistants testified that he often cried out in pain.  However, rather than administer pain medications as ordered by his doctors, staff closed his door so they did not have to hear his cries for help.

    As a result of the nursing home staff’s abuse and neglect, our client had both legs amputated before he died from infection.