Defective Products

    We live in a consumer-driven economy, and products of all types define our everyday existence.  Automobiles, industrial machines, medical devices, prescription medications, baby cribs, children’s toys, and all other products must be safely designed and properly manufactured in order to avoid injuries and deaths to consumers who use them.  The companies that design and make the products we use owe us a duty to make those products safe for their intended use, and their failure to do so creates legal liability for injuries and damages.  At Warner & Warner, we are experienced in claims involving defectively designed and manufactured products that caused injuries and deaths.

    Although federal regulations control the design and manufacture of many products, lawsuits are the only way to control the design and manufacture of other products.  Without lawsuits bringing defective design and manufacturing to light, many dangerous products would still be on the market.  Warner & Warner sues manufacturers who defectively design and inappropriately manufacture products that injure and kill people.  Product liability cases can make products safer by showing a company its product is dangerous and defectively designed or manufactured.

    Proving a product design is defective requires specialized expert opinion testimony and is often complex and difficult.  At Warner & Warner, our skilled team is experienced in proving product defects and can help bring your case to resolution.

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