Pharmacy Malpractice

    Medications seem to be an everyday part of our lives.  Modern medicine and pharmacology have developed many wonder drugs that can treat and cure many serious diseases and conditions.  However, we depend on pharmacies and their employees to properly fill our prescriptions and often have no idea whether they have done their job properly.  Mistakes in filling prescriptions take various forms—incorrect dosing, incorrect medications, incorrect instructions, contraindications,  and multiple drug interactions.  The results can be catastrophic.

    Each prescription leaving any pharmacy in Florida must be signed off by a licensed pharmacist, but the actual preparation and filling of the prescription is often completed by a pharmacy technician.  These techs usually have very minimal training and no specialized knowledge about pharmacy.  Oftentimes, they are high school graduates who have taken a certification course.  Mistakes happen, and people are injured when mistakes are made with prescription medications and pharmacists and pharmacies are lax in their oversight of their technicians. Unfortunately, we are at their mercy when it comes to our medications, as we have little information to determine if we have been provided the correct medication in the correct dosage, with the correct instructions for taking the medication.

    Warner & Warner had extensive experience in pursuing and proving pharmacy malpractice.  If you suspect a medication error injured you or a loved one, we would be glad to speak with you about your concerns.


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