Trucking Accidents

    Anyone who drives a car or motorcycle has been in a situation in which they feared for their safety due to a semi tractor trailer following too closely, driving too fast for road conditions, swerving into their lane, or pulling into traffic without enough room.  Large trucks are a necessary fact of life in order to move products and supplies from place to place.  Without them, our economy would suffer.  However, they must be driven safely in order to protect the driving public.

    All of the distractions available to automobile drivers also influence long haul truckers and other large truck drivers, but the size and weight of those trucks makes the damage they inflict so much worse.  Truck drivers are supposed to be professionals—they are specifically trained and licensed to drive such large vehicles and they have a duty to operate them safely so as not to endanger the public.

    Many factors can contribute to a trucking accident, and an experienced law firm can determine the cause and contributing factors to a trucking accident.  Sleep deprivation, violations of federal transportation regulations, cell phone use, and texting all contribute to trucking accidents.  Warner & Warner has handled many trucking accident cases and has the experience and knowledge to prosecute your case and obtain just compensation for your injuries and financial losses.  If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a trucking accident, we would be honored to speak with you about your rights.

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